Robert Massa III


My Life had been miserable for years by the end. I had been evicted from my apartment and pushed away my family and friends. I had resigned to a death from addiction. Luckily my family approached me with an intervention. I was so scared to go to treatment, but couldn't keep living the way I was. My idea of what sobriety looked like was transformed in the transitional program I entered in Bel Air, MD. There I was able to meet people of a common background and path. I had the opportunity to start fresh and learned to enjoy life again. My journey has been truly remarkable. Starting the Turning Point Project with Zack Trabbold in February of 2016 has lead me down a new path. To see the look on someone's face, as we give them the opportunity for a new way of life, is a powerful experience. Giving back to struggling addict and showing people that we do recover is why I love being part of the Turning Point Project.

Morgan Pagels

Vice President

I started experimenting with drugs and alcohol at age 10. By middle school, I had started choosing my friend group and social life around drinking and using, always mindful of the next time I could drink or use. In high school, I had been burned badly on my hand and was prescribed narcotic medication for the pain. I was instantly hooked. By the end of high school, pills had progressed to heroin. My family offered treatment that summer after graduation in 2003, and I refused. My addiction took me to homelessness and near death. After being homeless in Baltimore City for nearly 2 years, I was arrested May 10, 2005 at age 19. After spending some time incarcerated, my family had me placed in residential treatment in Harford County. After completing 28 days, I reluctantly went into sober living for 4 months. It was in that extended care program in Bel Air, MD where I learned to live again through intense structure and discipline. It was in that house where I learned what it meant to be a recovering woman. Since being sober, I married another recovering person and we've had two beautiful sons, Evan and Rowan.. I have worked in the treatment industry for 10 plus years and have made giving back to the community a priority in my life. I joined Turning Point Project in November 2016 to show and provide others with the same gift that was given to me. It is with great pride and humility to represent Turning Point and I look forward to continuing to give hope to the hopeless.

Zach Kosinski


Louis Marcell


At the end of my addiction it seemed like there was no hope at a normal life. I felt like I was doomed to eventually suffer the same fate as my little brother, a drug overdose. I had no money, no job, and barely any relationship with my family and friends. One day out of nowhere I decided I had had enough, and approached my family about entering a 28 day treatment program. From living in Bel Air as an active drug addict and alcoholic, to living in Bel Air in a sober living house, my life transformed almost immediately. I was given a second chance at life, and I hit the ground running. I started working at a 28 day treatment center, and then joined the Turning Point Project in 2016. The Turning Point Project has given me the opportunity to give others a brand new lease on life, the same kind that was given to me in 2013. Every time I get to see someone embracing recovery and sober living, it reminds me of why I am still active in recovery.

Jarrett Marchsteiner

Development Director

Freedom was unobtainable to me my whole life, I always felt locked away in my own soul never being able to find the person who held the key. Drugs and alcohol numbed that feeling like a fresh breath of air; I fell in love with the effects produced by alcohol and drugs, I put everything and everyone last and getting high and drunk became paramount to all else. I was injecting heroin for the last three years of my active drug use, in and out of treatment centers and maintenance programs until I got sober in 2015. After inpatient treatment, I went to a sober living house. At this house I reached a turning point involving not only the understanding of what it was like to be a responsible, productive, and sober member of society; it was also where I had fallen in love with the effects produced by helping others. It helped me see that the reason why I could never find the gate master holding the key to freedom, was because the key to freedom was already in my heart. God had the key, it just took some digging to find out that I was in His hands the entire time. As Development Director of The Turning Point Project some of my responsibilities include support  at organization fundraisers, grant writing, and attending events relaying information on alcoholism and addiction to remain of maximum benefit to those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction.

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We at The Turning Point Project work to fund entry to transitional sober housing for individuals leaving treatment programs, providing a foundation for their successful, long-term recovery.


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